Phoenix Massager 2.0


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The Real Price Of Not Taking Care Of Your Body

The NIH states that over 40 million people in the USA alone struggle with some type of sever pain yearly!

We all know that not taking care of your body comes with a very high price to pay, especially down the line if you have been neglecting the pain thinking that it will magically disappear. 

Now ask yourself this... what do you think you spend annually on taking care of your body? All the trips to physical therapy, the doctors, pain killers, topical oils, ect. All of these things add up fast and still, a lot of people continuously struggle with sore muscles, back & neck pain, plantar fasciitis, and many other body aches. 

Why Use?

The Phoenix Massage Gun empowers you to take control of your own muscular recovery process. The percussive and vibrational nature of the massager may help to treat sore lactic acid filled muscles and may speed up the delayed onset muscle soreness and recovery process. This is achieved by providing concentrated, rapid, short duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. These pulses may heavily increase blood flow and circulation to the tissues may help to accelerate growth and repair, and may relieve pain and increase range of motion and function.

Top Benefits That May Be Improved

✔ Range of motion
✔ Recovery time 
✔ Foot pain & plantar fasciitis 
✔ Clears the muscles of lactic acid 
✔ Reduces fatigue
✔ Breaks down scar tissue 
✔ Treat injuries and pains
✔ Promotes blood circulation
✔ Reduces pain from inflamed muscles
✔ Muscle trigger points & soreness 

Quiet Technology

The new Phoenix Massager 2.0 delivers 3 levels of power while remaining quiet for ultimate relaxation, giving the user the ability to take the Phoenix anywhere without disrupting the therapeutic process. 

Our built-in pressure sensor technology gives visual feedback throughout your massage process, to ensure your therapeutic sessions are more accurate.

Gun Features

> Powerful high torque motor with Quiet-Glide Technology
> 3 speed settings deliver up to 3200 drums per minute
> Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 2 hours of use per charge)
> Rechargeable on pistol, US/UK/EU plug
> Supplied with 4 interchangeable heads
> Lightweight: 0.8Kg

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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