Q. How Long Is Shipping?

A. Our domestic shipping times are 4-9 business days & international shipping times are between 9-17 business days depending on your location.  

Q. What Is Your Return Policy?

A. We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders! If you are not satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days after it's delivery then please contact us for a full 100% refund. See our full refund policy here.  

Q. How Often Should I Use It? 

A. You can use a massage gun every day if you would like, but it’s probably not necessary. You want your muscles to be able to repair, so you wouldn’t use a massager after each workout or before each workout unless you were constantly in muscle pain. 

If you ever feel that your massage is causing more pain or you experience more pain from using massage guns, then you should contact your doctor immediately and see what you can do about your muscle tension through warm wraps and traditional massage. However, most of the time, percussion massage guns are meant to help with rehabilitation by breaking up scar tissue. 

Q. How Long Does The Battery Last?

A. Our cordless massager is equipped with 1500mah high-quality lithium battery, so it can last 2 to 3 hours per charge. Charge times run approximately 3 hours.

Q. What Are The Benefits?

A. There are many benefits to using our massage gun and the top ones include:

  • May help Relieve Plantar Fasciitis 
  • May release Lactic Acid
  • May accelerate Muscle Recovery
  • May enhance Range of Motion Quickly
  • May stimulate Muscle Growth
  • May improve Muscle Responsiveness
Q. How Does It Work?

A. The Phoenix Massage Gun has 3 different speed levels between 1800-3200 RPMS + 4 different head attachments. Use the massage gun on sore muscles with your chosen speed and attachment. Our massage gun may help loosen up your muscles and may create more blood circulation in that specific targeted area. 


Phoenix Gun Features from Phoenix Gun on Vimeo.